When you need a new online booking system Senshi Digital can help.

What is TourCMS?

TourCMS is an online booking system that can be integrated into a site to make bookings easier for the operator and the customer.

It's a very handy system for our clients, working extremely well for tourism websites as it allows you to manage bookings, check availability and add new services very easily.

It does all the hard work for you by creating a one stop shop for you and your customer. For the business owner it can take payments and send out confirmation emails automatically, which is also fantastic for the potential customer.

It adds a layer of trust to the transaction, as the customer is not redirected to lots of different sites to input their payment details.

TourCMS is a hit with many of Senshi's websites as it puts customisation back into online travel booking.

If a booking process is too complicated or unintuitive then your potential client will go elsewhere to make their transaction. TourCMS will stop this from happening.

No matter where your tours operate or which clients they cater to, Senshi Digital can use TourCMS to make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

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