Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using PPC to bring in new customers and revenue

Boost your revenue with Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online marketing can be tricky if you don't know which marketing tools will bring you the biggest return.

So, how do you make sure that you make a decent return on your investment in digital marketing? It's all about strategy and careful planning. Creating and managing your PPC strategy is a vital task.

Getting your brand and adverts in front of the right people is easy with paid search advertising and marketing. Pay Per Click advertising, also known as Cost Per Click, is one of the best ways to reach more people. This is where Google Adwords comes in.

Again, this isn't just about mass marketing, trying to get everyone and anyone to see your advert. We carefully research and plan the audience that we will target, making sure we get it in front of people who are actually interested - this is how we boost your revenue. It's all in the strategy.

We don't just leave it there either. We optimise, monitor, and report our progress with your PPC campaign and Google Adwords campaign. It's more than just creating adverts, it's the use of keywords and understanding how people search for information. The campaigns are targets and specific to your business as well, so you will get relevant and worthwhile interaction.

Using a variety of tools, we can get your campaign out on Facebook advertisements, Google banners, and ranking higher in Google paid search results.

We continue to monitor this and develop your PPC strategy accordingly, giving the highest Return on Investment (ROI) that we can.

Our full PPC management package includes:

  • Review of current approach with an audit
  • Research and strategy
  • Targeting
  • Keyword generation - making use of Google Adwords
  • Testing and optimisation
  • Analysis
  • Measurement and reporting

We are a Google accredited PPC management agency, with a strong track record and a list of tangible results showing how we have managed to create a high click through rate and increased conversion rate. We would love to share these with you and start making a big difference to your online marketing.

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