Sorry we are leaving you. But I want your back

Chris Torres

2016-06-24 08:41:00

Today’s vote is a step back to pre-war times. It is a step in a direction I feel will divide people and cultures even more

So the vote is to leave the European Union. I for one am gutted, dismayed and worried about the future of our country and my business.

The thing that grates me most is the current climate of fear of the UK. You see, my late father was an ‘immigrant’. He was Portuguese and moved to Scotland when he met my mother. He was a labourer for Glasgow City Council and worked extremely hard at his job. So hard in fact his job killed him but I will not go into that here.

I saw first hand as a boy the abuse he got from some co-workers because he ‘stole a job’ from a Scottish person. This was only from a select few but it still happened from what I can only perceive as jealously. Jealousy because he worked harder than those who were against him and made them look ‘lazy’, which to be honest they were. My father took pride in his job and that hard working mentality rubbed off on me as I push Senshi forward.

The point I am trying to make is without immigrants Scotland and the UK would not be as strong as it is.

There was an article on TV when a man was interviewed and he said he was voting leave as he did not agree to all the immigrants, especially the Polish, coming into the country. He was standing beside an aisle in a supermarket dedicated to Polish food. Then the camera panned down to his shopping basket to reveal pizza, kung po chicken and curry. Food that came from Immigrants. What this shows is the narrow-mindedness of some people. Immigrants are our doctors, teachers, restaurant owners and cleaners. They are people. People trying to make a living whilst making all our lives better doing jobs that some of us simply do not wish to do or in some cases think that are beneath us.

Cultures coming, working and living together is what makes the world a safer place. Makes it more diverse. Makes it more meaningful.

This is why I am proud to be Scottish. Scotland have categorically voted to remain in the EU as the vast majority see the benefits it brings. Of course Scotland has its issues too but we are more open to the culture of others probably because we were an oppressed nation ourselves.

Today’s vote is a step back to pre-war times. It is a step in a direction I feel will divide people and cultures even more.

This is why I am proud that Senshi work with so many different people and cultures. We have made many friends across the world and have become a richer business culturally because of it.

Senshi have built a reputation for producing and marketing tourism based businesses across the world. A lot of this come from the EU. In fact 70% of our services are exported abroad and we are moving the company to become a creative tourism agency. A Destination Specialist.

To all our customers outside the UK, the team here at Senshi will always welcome you. Like the majority of Scotland we are open minded and welcome the trade you bring to UK. We welcome you opening our eyes to new experiences. We should all learn from each other and work together to make this fragile planet into a better one.

Please do not take today's vote as the doors closing. Our door is always open. We welcome you with open arms and want to embrace the diversity you bring.

Let's start you on your journey...

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