Senshi Digital Nominated for a Herald Award

Chris Torres

2015-10-08 11:16:00

Senshi have adapted to emerging markets

The work that Senshi Digital has been nominated by the Herald Scottish Digital Business Award for their creation and continued improvements to the Mac’s Adventure site.

Senshi Digital have worked with this Scottish tourist organisation for the last seven years and in this time the working relationship has benefitted both companies. Back in the beginning the priority was to make this business a fully functional website with an option for visitors to book their adventure on the site. The Herald have recognised this and they will be featured in the Digital Business Awards show later this month.

From there over the years Senshi have adapted to emerging markets by adding mobile optimisation to improve the site’s search engine optimisation. They also added more information and made the site even better for clients, which decreases the amount of viewers leaving the site to find information elsewhere.

This then has an effect on conversions and the amount of traffic that the site gets, which in turn increases the revenue organically. The benefits of this are endless with an 85% increase in conversions as a whole and a huge 512% increase in mobile bookings. This previously untapped portion of the market has done wonders for this site and it goes to show how much the mobile market is worth.

These online additions have made a real world difference to this client, with increased business and bookings all round. Senshi Digital agreed the plans and strategy over a continued period of time with Mac’s Adventure to achieve the desired result.

For anyone questioning the worth of the mobile market this small sample of the positives that these improvements can make should be enough to show what this market can do for a business. The Herald recognises the strategy planned by Senshi Digital and as a result they will be attending these awards on the 22nd of October in the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow.

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