An Interview With Clyde 1

Chris Torres

2016-09-14 10:22:00

Higher profits and productivity - and the staff love it!

As many of you will know by now, we believe we are the first company in Scotland to introduce the Scandinavian work idea of a 6 hour day.

This new move has been gaining a lot of interest and people are keen to discuss how this works in practice.

We recently gave an interview to Clyde 1 on our 6 hour day and how it has changed our business. Shiona McCallum came to the Senshi studio to discuss:

Chris Torres: Director of Senshi

Chris: Within the first week, everyone seemed to take to it really well. I saw an increase in productivity and we were hitting deadlines faster. So, after the trial in March, we decided to make it permanent and it’s now in everyone’s contract that this is part of the business.

Shiona: The idea came after Chris had watched a documentary on the way that people work in Sweden and thought we should give it a go.

Chris: The team stand up at the start of the day and say what they want to achieve. Then we go into 45 minute sprints, with a 5 minute break in between. We take half an hour for lunch and follow this up with a team huddle where we discuss projects etc. Finally, we go into our power hour where we try to get finished any projects or tasks that are sitting and need to get done.

Shiona: Higher profits and productivity followed and the staff love it.

Alan Bryson: Digital Marketer

Shiona: So you’ve come from rather long working hours and are now working just a 6 hour working day?

Alan: Previous jobs that I’ve done, like car sales, I’d be working 50 or 60 hours per week. Now it’s only 30 hours a week! It’s fantastic!

Shiona: Do you feel the pressure to get more done?

Alan: I wouldn’t say there is more pressure, you’re just more aware of the tasks that you’ve got to do.

Graham Higgins: Lead Designer

Graham: I love this way of working. I actually moved from my last job for this 6 hour day because I live on the coast and so my commute is pretty long, it takes me an hour to get here and an hour to get home, so it just kind of worked for me.

It took a bit of getting used to, but I feel it’s super productive.

Read what Clyde 1 had to say.

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