How to Market your Travel Business to First Time Customers

Chris Torres

2016-02-01 10:28:00

Many tourism based businesses are well versed on how to cater to their customers

Many will relate to the thrill, or perhaps nerves, that go along with visiting a new place or using a new travel company for the first time. This first time customer is the lifeblood of the travel industry but they can be easily put off.

To turn this first time customer into repeat business owners of tourism services must successfully manage their trip before, during and after.

The first step in the process is effective communication prior to departure, as this enhances the experience greatly.

This can start off with useful information about the area that the client is travelling to, as this prevents them from having to look into the area themselves. Think about what will be important for the client such as emergency phone numbers, weather advice and airport regulations.

This comes into play during the trip too, as the customer is more prepared and more likely to have a pleasant trip. Giving them all the information about the airport or even helping them prepare for the trip by letting them know of any layovers will greatly increase their enjoyment.

On arrival in this new country it’s essential to manage any stress that the customer may feel around travel or baggage. If you can send a driver to pick them up or advise on the best taxi services this will prevent them from being ripped off. This is a huge fear of many tourists and helping them will reassure them that this first time travel is something that they should repeat.

When it comes to the experience itself many tourism based businesses are well versed on how to cater to their customers.

Use the best customer service possible, fill the experience with fun and make it clear that the customer can discuss any queries with your team.

After the fact you can encourage the customer to give feedback via email or on a feedback site. Once you have their contact details you can also share new deals and destinations with them too, which will make them more likely to visit with you again.

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