How ASDA Are Engaging Customers Online

Jennifer Docherty

2016-12-21 13:36:00

ASDA are thinking of new & interesting ways to engage customers online!

There’s just something about great marketing. When you see a brand doing something that’s a little bit different - or something which you have never seen before! - it really connects with people and makes them sit up and pay attention. (Well at least it does to me!)

You will have come across plenty of digital banner adverts in your time, the kind which feature on an article and some will catch your attention and some won’t.

Today, I came across a banner advert which really caught my attention. Not only was it bright and colourful, but it was interactive! It was also festive so felt very appropriate to share it with you so close to Christmas.

The advert itself features a Christmas dinner table with a whole assortment of food. Users can scroll over the image and zoom in on certain aspects of the table. The image actually responds to your mouse movements and how you interact with the advert. So clever!

However, it's not only the 'zoom' interaction that is impressive. It actually goes one step further and allows people to click ‘buy now’ on some of the individual pieces of food. A direct sale can be made! A win-win situation for ASDA and it's customers - reducing the time taken for the user to make a purchase.

This is such a clever use of the interactive trend and allowing users to engage fully with the advert. In fact, it was so eye-catching and impressive that I had to write a blog about it! What a great response to an advert!

Although ASDA isn’t a tourism brand, it is still interesting and relevant for us to learn from them in terms of the idea that they have created and challenging how we think about marketing.

They have made use of the best trends in digital marketing right now and have created a whole new, immersive experience for users.

This is a new way to use digital banners, getting users to actually interact with the advert itself - and also the brand. It will also let ASDA see how well people have engaged with the promotion as they can view clicks and mouse movements across the screen.

So as we come into the new year, how can this marketing campaign inspire us? What new trends can you make use of? How can you engage your customers in a new and exciting way?

Let’s start the new year with a new way of thinking!

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