Google Promotes Mobile Friendly Websites. Get Responsive!

Chris Torres

2015-02-12 10:46:00

Senshi have always been a massive fan of responsive web-design

Since their inception, Senshi have always been a massive fan of responsive web-design, and now mobile-friendly technology is at the heart of project we undertake.

With mobile and tablet sales continuing to grow exponentially – it has to be to enable us to provide our customers with the latest in cutting-edge digital technology, and the very best platforms through which to sell their products and services.

There’s also Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to consider as User Experience (UX) is now used as a ranking factor by Google, and mobile-friendly sites have a proven advantage in regard to search results.

More importantly, by adding a “mobile-friendly” tag to those search results that fit the bill.

Google have made a strong statement of intent that mobile-friendly websites will rank higher than those that aren’t.

This is a big double-edged sword for businesses because, as this tagging procedure now informs prospective customers which websites are mobile-friendly, it almost goes without saying that these websites are much more likely to be clicked on by anyone using a mobile device to browse the web.

In turn, as this year’s Search Metrics Report indicates that Click Through Rate (CTR) is the most important ranking factor, mobile-friendly websites should find they rank higher in the Google ranking, enabling them to attract more potential customers.

So what does not having a mobile-friendly website, and that all important new Google tag, mean for your business?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the chances are your website is already receiving less clicks than it used to.

It’s slipping down the rankings and, ultimately, you’re losing sales – probably to your nearest competitors who have a mobile-friendly website.

If you are losing sales, and your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s definitely time to take urgent action. Sure you’ll have to make an investment, but you’re likely to lose this money several times over during the coming months if you don’t.

Senshi will be happy to offer you a free consultation, and show you how we can make your website mobile-friendly; and make it look and function flawlessly on any mobile-device whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, iOS device or Android phone.

Mobile Responsive design is so important to usability and lead generation that Senshi Digital actually offers this service as standard with all our web design projects.

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