Day 5: Our Final Day in Iceland

Jennifer Docherty

2016-09-30 18:55:00

We've been living the #TheBucketLife

Our final day in Iceland has been a fairly relaxing one. Chris, Alan and myself had some breakfast and took a wander into Reykjavik to do some shopping and explore. Iona assured us she wouldn’t be making an appearance until around 1pm.

So, off we went to buy a few souvenirs, spend £100 on chocolate and see some of the more interesting buildings in the ‘downtown’ area of Reykjavik.

After a two and a half hour walk, we were definitely ready for some lunch.

They say you can take the people out of Glasgow, but you can’t take the Glasgow out of the people. “Four fish & chips please!!” It’s always good to be adventurous.

By the time we had finished lunch it was time for a “mittag Schlaefly” (lunchtime nap) followed by playing some cards.

Bearing in mind that we have an extremely early flight in the morning (probably waking at 3am), we thought an early dinner would be best and then an early night.

We’ve had a great time in Iceland and met some great people. I couldn’t have imagined a more friendly or welcoming group of people and we can’t wait for Miami next year… :)

This past week in Iceland, I've really been living #TheBucketLife’ as I’ve managed to tick a number of things off my list:

Go to Iceland - check

Swim in the blue lagoon - check

See the Northern Lights - check x 3

Learn a new foreign phrase - check

Go to Miami - yet to be achieved….

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