Day 2: Experiencing Iceland

Jennifer Docherty

2016-09-28 10:16:00

We got to enjoy the views and experience the Icelandic natural phenomena's.

The morning came as a rude awakening after a pretty tiring day yesterday. We had arranged to meet for breakfast at 8:30am and I think most people managed to make that. I say ‘think’, because I was the last one down and wouldn't know…

After breakfast we set up our table and settled down ready to do some work and chat to some people. We’ve found we’ve been very well fed as snacks, Icelandic yogurt, tea, coffee, brownies and croissants are in abundance!

After a comprehensive discussion on Gray Line and how the brand has managed to help people, we were provided with even more food and given half an hour to prepare for our next adventure.

The Golden Circle Tour - complete with stunning scenery, waterfalls, and getting to see Geysir geothermal area.

Throughout the journey, we stopped a number of times to enjoy the views and experience the Icelandic natural phenomena's.

When you think of Iceland, you might remember that it’s a volcanic island with some fairly dramatic results. Of course, you will remember the famous Volcano that erupted in 2010 so you’ll get an idea of how unpredictable and dramatic the island can be.

One of our first experiences of this was the Geysir hot spring area. This is where boiling hot water blasts up through the ground (this can give you quite a fright if you’re not expecting it by the way - as I found out fairly quickly).

The Gullfoss Waterfall was really something. The water comes from the largest glacier on Iceland and travels down the Hvítárgljúfur Canyon. The spray from the glacier water was just a tad cold but it was such a stunning sight to see. As long as your wrapped up warm, you’re fine.

After getting to witness the natural wonders of Iceland (including the cold weather) we were definitely ready for some food. Wanting to in keep with the Icelandic experience, we were taken to a Viking farm.

The outside was completely covered in grass and there was even a Gray Line logo on the wall (attention to detail). Naturally, when on a Viking farm, we were given authentic and genuine Viking helmets, complete with plastic horns. Exactly what the Vikings would have worn when going into battle!

After yet another good feed, we ventured out into the night in search of the Northern Lights again. They say that you can come to Iceland for a week and never see the lights. Well, this week obviously has the perfect conditions, as we’ve had them for two nights in a row! Here's hoping for three!

To end the night, we went for a drink to The Green Room, which turned out to be pretty dark when the street had a power cut. No matter, we just had a candle lit evening.

Breakfast at 8am tomorrow...

Let's start you on your journey...

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