4 Easy Steps To Creating Mobile Landing pages With Great Conversion Rates

Chris Torres

2015-06-05 13:04:00

Tell your story quickly and succinctly on your mobile landing page, as most consumers only want the most important details.

User Friendly and Mobile Friendly are two of the most popular terms is Digital Marketing today. That's because mobile sales are increasing exponentially on a weekly and monthly basis as people utilize their time by buying goods and services whenever it's most convenient via their favourite mobile devices.

However, the challenges of creating the perfect mobile landing page can be difficult as space is limited compared to a desktop landing page - and these challenges need to be recognized and addressed accordingly. Done right, a mobile landing page will create a great user experience which will improve your conversion rates - so follow the easy 4-step guide to success below.

1. A Clear Call To Action Button

Whatever call to action (CTA) you want your visitors to answer - make sure you have a clear- to-see and easy-to-press CTA button that lets them do it.

2. Remove Loopholes and Leaks

Make sure there are no impediments that stop consumers answering your CTA. Visitors also want to know that your trustworthy, and you can build that trust in several ways:

  • Show Feedback from previous clients
  • Display Logos of reputable companies who use your services
  • Display your social media following
  • Have a brief user-response form that allows users to leave their details so you can call or email them later with the answer to their questions.
3. Display Only The Most Important Information

Tell your story quickly and succinctly on your mobile landing page, as most consumers only want the most important details. By all means have links to take them to more elaborated information if they want it - but most consumers don't.

4. Never Confuse Your Visitors

Making a mobile landing page hard work and confusing is the quickest way to increase your bounce rate, as visitors will simply bounce off to another less-confusing site. However, it should contain enough information for a new visitor to completely get what you're all about.

  • Include a simple headliner introducing your company and what it does.
  • Make content relevant to your target audience
  • Engage them
  • Make a compelling argument for them to answer your CTA

Here at Senshi Digital we've designed many high-converting mobile landing pages for a wide variety of clients. We understand the need to utilise space, to create clarity, to make content relevant, to engage and to compel consumers to answer your calls to action.

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