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New mobile responsive site

Macs Adventure is a Scottish based tourism company which specialises in self-guided cycling and walking holidays in both the UK and throughout Europe.

Senshi Digital is a leader in both design and marketing solutions for the tourism industry. Senshi established itself as the best partner to help Macs Adventure achieve their aims of becoming the best tourism outlet in their specialist industry.

Senshi and Macs Adventure have been working together for around 7 years when they first needed their website developed with an integral booking platform. More recently, Macs Adventure wanted to build upon the initial successes Senshi helped them achieve, by overhauling their website to bring it up to date.

The main objective here was to improve the Macs Adventure website to ensure that it became fully mobile responsive, in order to reach more potential customers and keep in line with Google’s latest algorithm changes. From this, the aims were then to improve enquiries, conversions and then ultimately revenue for Macs Adventure.

As far as design goes, web development and design evolves at such a speed that in just 7 years, one website can look dramatically outdated - almost to the point of prehistoric. This in mind, a focus was placed on a clean design which would bring together functionality, visuals, software and hardware up to speed to create a user friendly site.



Macs Adventure have seen an 85% increase in overall conversions, with mobile visits up by 80%, not to mention a whopping 512% increase in mobile bookings.

The main strategy was based around the user experience on the site. Of course we adhered to the basics, such as useful information and an easy to use online booking system, but we also improved the site with a responsive design and becoming more user friendly.

The main changes we made to the search and book function was the development of a new Holiday Finder. This powerful search tool not only allows customers to search for their desired holiday based on things like destination, activities or grade, it also offers some suggestions if no results are found. This is pivotal in generating new leads and then more revenue for Macs Adventure, as holiday makers could remain clueless about the possibilities without this system. Overall, the Holiday Finder provides the customer exactly what they are looking for from a holiday, at just the click of a button.

“Ultimately, our objectives were to increase enquiries, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue.

We required better integration of engaging content, with videos, galleries, customer reviews and stories visible and accessible from relevant tours and tour categories. We wanted the experience of using our website to reflect the features and benefits of our products more accurately, and inspire and engage our site users.

We knew it would be a challenge to efficiently organise our diverse product range, which mostly consists of flexible and tailor-made tours, into an easy-to-use e-commerce website. Senshi Digital understood our requirements, took on board all our requests, and had some fantastic solutions to our practical and design based demands.

With the new site, on a like-for-like period, we have seen a superb 85% increase in goal conversions, 28% increase in online bookings, and a 30% increase in revenue from the website. One of the biggest benefits has been better call to action, with brochure downloads, enquiry forms, and newsletter signups all easily accessible from each tour and landing page, this has undoubtedly had a significant effect on improving our offline conversions too.

We’re also really happy with the new look and feel of the site, which we have had great feedback on during a recent customer survey. Comments ranged from 'Website was effective and comprehensive enough that I did not feel the need to check elsewhere' to 'The entire site screamed professional’".

Neil Lapping, Director - Macs Adventure

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