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Senshi Digital increases click through rate for Gray Line Iceland.


Transactions increase by 5977%

We have been working with Gray Line Iceland to increase the traffic of their site and lead even more customers to their company. Our partnership has brought tangible results and these are set to continue growing even more as we develop together.

In terms of Digital Marketing and their social media strategy, we have been working tirelessly to improve and reach a wider audience. From December to July, Facebook likes have increased by 2,366 and their Twitter followers by 541. The engagement across these channels has also seen a rise of 50% with the effective strategy that are now operating on these platforms. The importance of creating a firm social media presence cannot be oversold and the management of these directly effect’s a company’s turnover.

These additional social media strategies have boosted the company’s revenue by 2%, so it is leading to concrete cash results. This revenue accounts for 64% of the total social referral revenue of Gray Line Iceland and this is thanks to the more engaging social media content. The social media strategy that is now in place is extremely useful when it comes to getting more likes and shares, which drives more traffic to the site and in turn increases the amount of transactions for the client company.

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Within just 6 months of the launch of the new website, the conversion rate rose by 5,977% going from a conservative value of £593 to £32,331.

In the last 10 months (Oct 2016) Gray Line Iceland have seen overall sales increase by 658%. Our PPC management alone has helped achieve sales of £540,757 from a £71,363 spend.

The use of Google AdWords in the updated content and blogging articles on the site has led to a dramatic difference in the organic traffic on the site. This has had a knock on effect and reduced the overall cost per click for Gray Line Iceland and made them a significant return on their investment.

We use many different techniques to drive up the traffic to a client’s site and changeable blog content is just one of them. By posting interesting and informative topics users engage more with the website and are much more likely to share the post with friends.

This sharing mentality is useful in the world of digital marketing as potential customers will be more likely to click through an article shared by a friend. This is more cost effective and can yield greater results than traditional advertising so the potential for further growth and greater results with this strategy are endless.

Through research and experience we deliver blogs that will be popular with users every single time. By selecting great topics and engaging content they’ve gotten more users than ever to sit up and pay attention to this brand and the services that it can offer.

By using the AdWords technology the traffic directed to the site is more relevant which leads to more conversions for the company. This targeted search engine optimised content is making Gray Line Iceland more searchable for potential customers.

In three months this strategy increased organic traffic to the site by 27% which in turn increased transactions by 31.5% overall. Gray Line Iceland are now being viewed and considered by more and more users because of the new content and procedures put in place.

A multi award winning web experience.

Senshi changes the travel & tourism game.

Senshi Digital delivers revolutionised, and multi award winning, web experience for world’s largest sightseeing company, Gray Line Worldwide.

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