Gray Line Washington DC

Digital Marketing campaign boosts Washington DC tour provider.


Digital marketing campaign boosts revenue.

Gray Line Washington DC’s previous provider spent years managing their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns that simply did not produce a return on the investment they made. In fact, from our findings, they made a loss. This is unacceptable.

3 months ago (June 2015) Senshi Digital took over Gray Line Washington DC’s digital marketing by creating a comprehensive 12 month strategy that included:

  • Link Building
  • Onsite/Offsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Strategy (10 blog posts/articles per month)
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Holiday/Event Strategy
  • Social Media Posting
  • Google PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

All of this for the same price as what Gray Line Washington DC was paying for PPC only to the previous provider.



Huge improvements in conversion value in its couple of months with overall revenue increased by 40%.

The comprehensive link building strategy implemented in the first month led to major improvements in search engine rankings for many of the client’s most important keywords, with some being catapulted up 60 places to the top of Google.

Another major part of the overall organic SEO strategy for this client was content marketing, we have been copywriting blogs regularly and articles which have continually improved the online presence and rankings as well as increasing on site engagement and decreasing bounce rate.

Facebook management and advertising has not only increased site traffic but also engagement and transactions.

The email marketing campaign allows us to remarket to previous customers and improve retention and referrals, as well the promotion of various competitions and new products to already interested consumers. It has also helped Gray Line Washington DC build up more reviews on TripAdvisor.

By understanding Gray Line Washington DC’s needs, as well as carrying out extensive competitor and keyword research, we have improved keyword rankings and click through rates, as well as huge improvements in conversion value in its couple of months with overall revenue increased by 40%.

We also provide easy to digest monthly reports and Skype meetings which analyse the client’s overall website and digital marketing performance which are a big improvement on the cluttered and hard to read reports by their previous agency.

The results shown so far would have been made much harder if it was not for the expert, mobile responsive website built by the team at Senshi Digital.

Michael Harris of Gray Line Washington DC said...

"The world of SEO can often be a black hole. There are so many moving parts that can easily overwhelm you if you let it. This is where Senshi truly excels, Senshi removed the 'guesswork' and provided me with a clear and detailed work plan for the upcoming year. I was able to look at each upcoming month and see exactly what was going to be worked on.

Communication was also key. I was initially apprehensive about the distance (US/UK) being an obstacle to working together, however, it is quite the opposite. Through various emails and Skype Video Conference calls, my team is able to communicate directly to Senshi on a face to face basis. Chris and his team are always reachable!

Every month, we receive a detailed list of reports on how we are doing. Senshi helps us analyze these reports and makes recommendations based on them.

Because of Senshi we are seeing improvement in our online traffic. I would strongly recommend everyone to consider Senshi to assist them with their SEO strategy."

Gray Line Washington DC have a platform that will grow and expand as the company grows and Senshi Digital look forward to continuing that journey with them.

A multi award winning web experience.

Senshi changes the travel & tourism game.

Senshi Digital delivers revolutionised, and multi award winning, web experience for world’s largest sightseeing company, Gray Line Worldwide.

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