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Senshi Digital launch leading tourism website for Avventure Bellissime.

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Leading tourism website for Italian tour company, Adventure Bellissime

Avventure Bellissime is a tour company specialising in walking tours of Venice. Founded in 1998, they originally offered small group day tours of the Veneto from Venice and it is now one of the market leaders offering tours of the city.

Avventure Bellissime came to Senshi Digital to engage our expertise in the development of a new website. The resulting site has been designed to take full advantage of the TourCMS booking engine which increases the overall usability of the site and its ability to generate leads.

The main challenge for us was the sheer size of the project. The site had over 500 pages, so making sure that the structure was right and that information was easy to find was key. To solve this issue, we introduced a holiday finder for users to find the perfect tour or destination.



Quarterly transactions increased by 95% and the website traffic was boosted by 11%. As a result, revenue rose by a whopping 90.5%, generating massive returns for the company.

In terms of digital marketing, one of our Facebook campaigns increased the number of likes by 13% in just 2 weeks, gaining 2,128 new page likes.

The management of the site is made much easier thanks to the booking calendar which keeps all the booking information in one place. This has dramatically improved the speed at which users can select and book a tour.

The site is fully mobile responsive to ensure that users can access the website on a variety of devices. We also custom made a shopping cart which allowed for multiple booking and purchases.

In line with this new site, we also created and delivered a digital marketing programme to them. The results speak for themselves with, 2000+ views in one month on YouTube. Our work on Facebook has increased engagement with the Avventure Bellissime brand.

The number of likes on this brand has increased by nearly 10,000 between May of 2014 and July of 2015, and with this raised viewership has come even more engagement. In addition we created a Facebook landing page to help them generate contacts for email marketing campaigns.

On top of 'likes' this strategy has also delivered click throughs and the all important transactions and Senshi has implemented this on Twitter too. We’ve improved the amount of followers on the Twitter page by 1,642 in the aforementioned period which has led to even more click throughs and customers.

A multi award winning web experience.

Senshi changes the travel & tourism game.

Senshi Digital delivers revolutionised, and multi award winning, web experience for world’s largest sightseeing company, Gray Line Worldwide.

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