Digital Tourism Show #001

Chris Torres

2016-09-07 10:23:00

This is what we are trying to do for our own customers. Tell your stories and sell your experiences.

In this first episode of The Digital Tourism Show, Senshi's director, Chris Torres discusses why we consider ourselves Digital Tourism experts.

Let's see what Chris has to say:

"We are an international digital agency who promote tourism businesses worldwide through effective website design and digital marketing.

In essence, we help market businesses online. Businesses that are trying to attract specific customers to a particular destination.

We help many tour operators, hotels, guest houses, and even shopping centres.

We do this by telling stories.

These days, telling a story is more effective than trying to sell a product. People buy into an experience. People buy into stories. That is what we do, we help tell your story, by promoting your experience and attracting more customers to your business, turning lookers into bookers.

Let me give you a bit of my own experience. I've always loved Japan, ever since I was little. My wife and I managed to get the opportunity to go a few years ago. We did an online search, like many of you would do, and found a company called Inside Japan Tours.

Basically, they sold us the experience.

We knew we wanted to visit Tokoya and other sites but I felt that they really "got" what I was wanting out of this experience. They had really good content, copy, good videos, and really good stories from their own tour guides. Because they sold that experience to me, I done a lot more of Japan than I even thought it was possible for me to do.

For example, I climbed Mount Fuji. I knew I wanted to see Mount Fuji but I never imagined I would climb it and see the sunrise from the top. That is an experience that will be with me forever. The highlight of the whole tour. As a result, I actually extended my visit, to a full month rather than just 2 weeks because that experience was sold to me.

This is what we are trying to do for our own customers. Tell your stories and sell your experiences.

If you do it right your customers will forget about price. They'll want to experience what you have to offer. That's a great way to up-sell and cross-sell to them also.

At Senshi, we firmly believe that the customer's journey starts from the first click.

If a website doesn't look great or is designed poorly, then you have lost that customer at the very first part of that journey.

You really need to spend the time and the money to invest in a really good website. At the end of the day, that's where most of your customers are going to go to first. If you're website doesn't function well, it will force them to go to one of your competitors.

You always want to have you 'book now' button just two clicks away.

Brand consistency is key here, through your website, your digital marketing, videos and your social media platforms. Sell the experience that you can offer.

If this leads to them actually buying and staying with you, then that experience will continue as they tell their friends and effectively do some word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Here at Senshi, this is what we plan to do. The team are completely focused on developing tourism brands, through effective website design and marketing. We have a great bunch of people who have designed and built of over 60 tourism websites.

We help some major tourism businesses, such as Gray Line, but we can help many other businesses to make sure their online presence is as good as it can be.

Tune in again for Episode 002, where we will be discussing video marketing for tourism and how you can utilise this.

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